sql server internals & achitecture

SQL Server Lock Escalation explained

Hi Friends, I wrote a blog post on partition-level locking where I demonstrated how locks are escalated from row to partition. The blog post is here; A few readers wrote back to me asking when does SQL Server escalate the row locks to table or partition level locks. So in this post, I will talk [...]

SQL Server DBCC LOGINFO – Observing Virtual Log

Hi Friends, We can have more than one log file for a database. However, in many cases a single log file suffices. Logically, a log file is divided into a number of virtual log files. The virtual log file concept allows SQL Server to manage various operation on the log file, including checkpoints, various phases [...]

SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP – Have You Tested It The Right Way?

Hi Friends, Are you sure you have tested SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP the right way? In one of my recent conversations with a customer, a senior DBA from the customer side expressed that he does not see ‘exponential’ performance when he converts on-disk tables to In-Memory tables. He further expressed that performance by ‘leaps [...]


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