SQL Server Performance Tuning (In-person)

Have you ever been to Army-Training? When was the last time you had a brain-melting experience? Welcome to the most rigorous SQL training you ever had. This 8-hours course is 100% demo-oriented and designed to give you the right amount of internals knowledge and loads of practical tuning & optimization techniques that you can put into production right-away.

This Accelerator will be delivered by Amit Bansal, Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server & 11 times Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional awardee.

Course Code PI_SQL_101_A
Course Title SQL Server Performance Tuning
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Delivery Format In-Person (Classroom-based).
Date, Time & Duration December 1, 2017, 8 hours, 9 am to 6 pm with one-hour of lunch break

List Price
INR 10, 000
    *Taxes: 18% GST extra
    *Prices are subject to change without prior notice
Level Level 300-400 (Intermediate to Advanced)
Target Audience This course is intended for SQL Server Database Administrators, SQL Database Engineers, SQL Developers & SQL Architects.
Prerequisites This course requires that participants have at least 2 years of genuine experience with Microsoft SQL Server. This course is not meant for Fresher
Trainer/Instructor Amit R S Bansal (SQL MCM, SQL MVP)
Key Highlights:

  • 8-hour training
  • Advance & exclusive content
  • 100% demo-based
  • Based on real-world scenarios
  • Intermediate to Advanced level content
  • Available In-person & Online

Module 1: SQL Server Wait & Queues

  • Analyze Wait Stats at instance and level and take a top-down approach to identify the root cause of a performance issue.
  • Understand, troubleshoot and diagnose common wait types
  • Use Extended Events to capture workload specific wait types for fine-grained troubleshooting

Module 2:  IO Troubleshooting

  • How to identify IO bottlenecks and queries that are causing maximum IO
  • Tune queries that are causing IO bottlenecks

Module 3: CPU Troubleshooting

  • Understand SQL Server Scheduling
  • Identify, troubleshoot & diagnose workloads that choke CPU

Module 4:  Memory Troubleshooting

  • Understand three-layered SQL Server Memory Architecture
  • Identify, troubleshoot & diagnose workloads that are consuming high memory
  • Understand Query Workspace Memory
  • Identify, troubleshoot & diagnose queries that demand high memory grant

Module 5:  Tempdb Troubleshooting

  • How to identify Tempdb usage
  • Identify, troubleshoot & diagnose workloads that are causing maximum tempdb usage

Module 6:  Dealing with Deadlocks

  • Identify different types of deadlocks
  • Troubleshoot deadlocks & minimize them

Module 7:  Index Tuning

  • Identify bad indexing strategies
  • Re-design indexes for better query performance

Module 8:  Query Tuning Examples

  • Analyze execution plans & identify poor performing queries
  • Re-write T-SQL for query improvement

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