Hands-On-Lab: SQL Server Stored Procedures

Hands-On-Lab: SQL Server Stored Procedures

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Here is another popular lab from Hands-On-Lab library: SQL Server Stored Procedures.

A Stored Procedure is a group of one or more T-SQL statements into a logical unit. Stored Procedure accepts three types of parameters input parameters, output parameters and table-valued input parameters.
1. Input parameters pass data into a stored procedure and it can be defined by using IN keyword.
2. Output parameters returns the data back to the user and it can be defined by using OUT keyword.
3. Table-Valued parameters pass multiple rows of data into a stored procedure and it can be defined by using user-defined table types.
This lab is divided into seven exercises explaining how to create the stored procedures with input, output and table valued parameters and modifying data using stored procedure.

Exercise 1: CREATE a PROCEDURE without parameters
Exercise 2: CREATE a PROCEDURE using Input Parameters
Exercise 3: CREATE a PROCEDURE using Output Parameters
Exercise 4: CREATE a PROCEDURE using Table-Valued Parameters
Exercise 5: Modifying data using a Stored Procedure
Exercise 6: Self-Assessment
Exercise 7: T-SQL Challenge

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