Hands-On-Lab: Web and Social Analytics Dashboard in Power BI

Hands-On-Lab: Web and Social Analytics Dashboard in Power BI

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Here is another popular lab from Hands-On-Lab library: Web and Social Analytics Dashboard in Power BI.

Online marketing is perhaps the most important channel for the modern marketer. This marketing dashboard examines the correlation between website performance and social performance. This is an important activity, as too often social marketers focus on their success on a particular platform instead of seeing their performance within larger context. In the first exercise, we will look into importing data into Power BI. In the second exercise, we’ll visualize popular hashtags. In the third exercise, we’ll visualize Unique visits per Device. In the fourth exercise, we will look into Twitter sentiment Analysis.

Exercise 1: Import Data in to Power BI
Exercise 2: Visualize Popular Hashtags
Exercise 3: Unique Visits Per Device
Exercise 4: Twitter Sentiment Analysis.

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