Recently, at a client location, people got stuck up with SQL Server Installation information, as follows:

Months back SQL Server instances were installed on several servers using a domain account. The person who installed the server had discontinued his services with the company. Users were able to connect to SQL Server but did not have admin privileges. They were not added to sysadmin system role. And ‘sa’ login was disabled. The requirement here was to either enable ‘sa’ login or given admin permissions to BUILTIN\Users, and to achieve either one of them, administrative privileges were needed.

So the client needed to find out which domain user was used to install SQL Server. And they had so many administrators. So where is the SQL Server installation details like user, date, etc.

This is how I found out which user installed SQL Server:

Navigate to:  C:\Profram Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Setup Bootstrap\Log\<Installation Date>

(That’s the path on my VM for a SQL Server 2012 installation; path on your box may differ)

You will find this file:


Open it and find the string “LogonUser”


There you go ! Well, there may be other ways too, if you know them, do share here!