Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!

Read a more detailed version of the Master Class experience – in the words of the participants!


Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Krishnachandran Verkot, 13 March 2015


“Awesome training on SQL Internals and Performance tuning, it will helps to improve my work and knowledge depth and can impact the some on my career as well. Thank You “Amit” for such a great dedication.”

– Krishnachandran Verkoaj


Feed back from Bhanu Mahesh K, 13 March 2015


“Amit is an awesome person in SQL Server area. He is really maestro on this domain. Good mentor and became a good friend as well from this session.”

– Bhanu Mahesh K


Feed back from Hanuman D, 13 March 2015


“Very good and well conducted training, well planned Thanks a lot to SQL MASTER (AB). Great to part of the training and expecting so more training’s, All the best for conference (Aug).”

– Hanuman D


Feed back from Rohith PG, 13 March 2015


“The training topics included and the demo provided very excellent and realistic to many scenarios. It helps myself to real SQL topics for next one year…”

– Rohith PG


Feed back from Sunny Sharma, 13 March 2015


“A great training experience. Learned many unknown stuffs about SQL which was not known to me. A good lab conducted to show practical utilization of knowledge gained. Highly recommended for SQL members.”

– Sunny Sharma


Feed back from Nihar Ranjan Panda, 13 March 2015


“A very methodology approach for exploring/demonstrating the content. It was really a great experience. ”

– Nihar Ranjan Panda


Feed back from Suresha US, 13 March 2015


“It was an awesome in-depth technical and troubleshooting training. Great one and I was lucky to be part of it.”

– Suresha US


Feed back from Vijaya Bhaskar Kumar Bhamidi, 13 March 2015


“This training is very good and we have learned lots of things which we do not known earlier and I will recommend this training other my friend and colleagues 100% valuable.”

– Vijaya Bhaskar Kumar Bhamidi


Feed back from Rushikesh Mahale, 13 March 2015


“It was a must have training with the knowledge gained in the class I am confident to solve the real life scenarios of Performance issues.”

– Rushikesh Mahale


Feed back from Sagesh K, 13 March 2015


“It was an awesome training. Lot of eye opener. After the training got to know lot of internals of SQL which will help me in my future career.”

– Sagesh K


Feed back from Ramakrishna Jakkampudi, 13 March 2015


“Its really a powerful training to attend.”

– Ramakrishna Jakkampudi


Feed back from Avanish Panchal, 13 March 2015


“A deep dive to demystify SQL Server Internals and opportuning to know good/bad hidden stories and treasures sitting in abyss. I am glad to be part of this course.”

– Avanish Panchal


Feed back from Biju Nidiyandi, 13 March 2015


“Fabulous experience in 5 Days and giving lot of knowledge. It was a eye opener for me our teacher was superb.”

– Biju Nidiyandi


Feed back from Kuruppusamy, 13 March 2015


“Very Fast Track, but Good.”

– Kuruppusamy


Feed back from Chandan M, 13 March 2015


“Everything was new for me, learn lot, even if I don’t know, I understood everything, specially lab was good.”

– Chandan M


Feed back from Lakshmi Narayanan R, 13 March 2015


“Eye opener for SQL Internals, Performance & Troubleshooting. All examples and lab sections are fantastic.”

– Lakshmi Narayanan R


Feed back from K Venkata Ramana Reddy, 13 March 2015


“I had learn a lot of SQL in depth of this 5 days. We had to apply in my environment. The trainer has satisfied in more than 90% in my work related scenarios.”

– K Venkata Ramana Reddy


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