Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!

Read a more detailed version of the Master Class experience – in the words of the participants!


Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Arun Kumar Nataraj , 27 May 2016


“Very good training, gives in-depth of SQL Server internals. Very effective and helpful to troubleshoot issues. It was very well paced and material has very good content.”

– Arun Kumar Nataraj


Feed back from R Chella Ganesh, 27 May 2016


“Very rich technical content instruction methodology very good printed material. Duration is short.”

– R Chella Ganesh


Feed back from Govind Bhala , 27 May 2016


“Being the most in experienced participant in the class, it was a great experience for me, as at this early stage of my career. I was exposed to such great knowledge it was a wonderful experience and I think Amit for making itt so.”

– Govind Bhala


Feed back from R Jai Shakti N , 27 May 2016


“Training was very interesting and knowledgeable, with deep details. Not only theory part but the practical explanation demo really made the concepts crystal clear. Thanks to Amit.”

– Jai Shakti N


Feed back from Malini Srinivasan , 27 May 2016


“Very useful training, it was in-depth technical and was a clear presentation. Trainer was able to explain the subject in a very understandable way. This training makes me connected to SQL Server Performance More high level and I am sure itt really helps me in my day to day product activities.”

– Malini Srinivasan


Feed back from Mohith Podval , 27 May 2016


“Overall it was one of the best training I had attended. Also Amit has immense technical knowledge in Performance Tuning and has delivered it very well. Awesome Learning Experience.”

– Mohith Podval


Feed back from Manjunatha R , 27 May 2016


“The training was emphasizing more on internals and architecture of SQL so the training is a gateway to change the vigil on SQL. Appreciate the effort in during preparing the content and designing the course flow.”

– Manjunatha R


Feed back from Neetha R , 27 May 2016


“Excellent lab demos very understandable teaching by Amit Content could be more organized. And eliminate the least importance points in slides that are skipped for self understanding.”

– Neetha R


Feed back from Prem Chander M A , 27 May 2016


“Training was fully loaded with great content and lab exercise. Good opportunity to learn many new concepts of SQL Performance. My approach for looking into things will really have an great impact new path in troubleshooting.”

– Prem Chander M A


Feed back from P Purushothama Reddy , 27 May 2016


“Training overall session was good. I learned lot of troubleshooting skills and performance tuning skills.”

– P Purushothama Reddy


Feed back from P Rajesh Konale Suresh , 27 May 2016


“Excellent training sessions with very detailed content. Thank You Amit for such a wonderful sessions.”

– P Rajesh Konale Suresh


Feed back from Ravi Kiran Chenna , 13 May 2016


“It was a good technical session experience.”

– Ravi Kiran Chenna


Feed back from Renganathan Kumarappan , 27 May 2016


“Content was good. It was so much to grasp over a week.”

–Renganathan Kumarappan


Feed back from Sampath Kumar Peram , 27 May 2016


“This training is very good, I learned lot of SQL Server Internals and Troubleshooting, Performance Tuning.”

– Sampath Kumar Peram


Feed back from Soumodip Mukherjee , 27 May 2016


“The training experience was an eye opener, got lots of new insights to SQL Server internals and new ways of troubleshooting performance issues. There were some topics which were a bit hard for me to understand but I guess I am the one who needs to catch up with those.”

– Soumodip Mukherjee


Feed back from Subi Surendran , 27 May 2016


“Very good training. Trainer has very good knowledge on the subject. But the training was fast paced.”

– Subi Surendran


Feed back from Yasub M J , 27 May 2016


“I got goosebumps several times over the five days. Incredible! What fantastic training!! An absolute must for every SQL Professional!!!”

– Yasub M J