Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!

1_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_ Performance_Tuning_Bangalore_June_2014

Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Hemalatha Godavari , 31 May 2014

2_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_ Performance_Tuning_Bangalore_June_2014

“Its very good experience and I am very happy to get a chance to take a session from you. Hope to meet again with me trainings. The codes are very good, rare collection.”

– Hemalatha Godavari


Feedback from Mukut Talukdar, 31 May 2014

3_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_ Performance_Tuning_Bangalore_June_2014

“It is a very good experience to get training from Amit Bansal.”

– Mukut Talukdar


Feedback from Priyanka Hurali, 31 May 2014

4_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_ Performance_Tuning_Bangalore_June_2014

“It was an mesmerizing experience as innumerous doubts / facts on how SQL Behaves were revealed along with proven facts. I really loved and enjoyed being part of this training.”

–Priyanka Hurali


Feedback from Anish Gera, 31 May 2014

5_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_ Performance_Tuning_Bangalore_June_2014

“It was very good experience. I gained a very good knowledge about SQL Server Performance Tuning. Which will help me in my daily routine work.”

–Anish Gera


Feedback from J Maruthi Raj , 31 May 2014

6_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_ Performance_Tuning_Bangalore_June_2014

“It was good and covered all most all of the topics in-depth.”

–J Maruthi Raj


Feedback from Saketh Valluripalli, 31 May 2014

7_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_ Performance_Tuning_Bangalore_June_2014

“Well executed and planned training. Lot of things covered in 40 hours.”

–Saketh Valluripalli


Feedback from Durgapathy Irala, 31 May 2014

8_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_ Performance_Tuning_Bangalore_June_2014

“Got more knowledge about memory and index.”

–Durgapathy Irala


Feedback from Venkata B, 31 May 2014

9_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_ Performance_Tuning_Bangalore_June_2014

“It is very good useful for this training. He explained lot issue deeply excision.”

–Venkata B


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