Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!


Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Siddharth Pamecha, 18 July 2013


“Nice hands-on experience with in-depth stuff of SQL Server. Developed interest I the Subject.”

– Siddharth Pamecha


Feed back from Harshit Tiwari, 18 July 2013


“The training provided great insight on the working of the queries and other aspects. The training was fast and hard to keep with.”

– Harshit Tiwari


Feed back from Simerdeep Singh Jolly, 18 July 2013


“The training session was very interactive. The content shared is good. It was interesting to learn SQL Server from Amit Bansal.”

– Simerdeep Singh Jolly


Feed back from Shashank, 18 July 2013


“Lab session were very fast paced but effective. Great mix of practical with Theory.”

– Shashank


Feed back from Akhilesh Shah, 18 July 2013


“Got good hands-on experience of SQL Server. ESP queries and performance. Would have link to see more topic related to DBA role.”

– Akhilesh Shah


Feed back from Anubhav Mittal, 18 July 2013


“Training will help more if we had some experience of working on SQL. Best thing is the session are interactive which never make you feel sleep. The best things were jokes. I learned a lot and need a lot of practice.”

– Anubhav Mittal


Feed back from Gaurav Sharma, 18 July 2013


“Excellent & mind blowing. Giving personal attention to everyone. Really enjoyed it. Awesome learning experience.”

– Gaurav Sharma


Feed back from Dharmesh Mahamwal, 18 July 2013


“The presentation was awesome, lab was very useful, just wanted a more bit concepts from fundamentals basics. But overall it was a great learning experience “Hats off Amit”.”

– Dharmesh Mahamwal


Feed back from Neeti Khard, 18 July 2013


“The overall training was good. Few topics could be thought in more depth, sometime feel like the training is going so fast, but totally understand that the time was less. Overall my knowledge in SQL has increased.”

– Neeti Khard


Feed back from Sagar Batra, 18 July 2013


“Overall the training was very knowledge full. I think Amit had answers to almost everything audience put to him. Wish good sense of humor and lot of learning, the training experience was very good.”

– Sagar Batra


Feed back from Shivankai Singh, 18 July 2013


“It was a good exposure to some facts that I was not aware though had experience in SQL Server. Especially the sessions on Indexes and Joins were great.”

– Shivankai Singh


Feed back from Chakshu Gaind, 18 July 2013


“This 5 days training facilitated a high clarity of concepts and improved my overall understanding of the subject. The demonstrations were a great part in improving the fundamentals, as well as building a foundation in moving ahead with SQL Server.”

– Chakshu Gaind


Feed back from Abhishek Ghosh, 18 July 2013


“The workshop was not only enriching in terms of our SQL knowledge, but also motivating the real life and industry references were very amusing.”

– Abhishek Ghosh


Feed back from Anuradha Mathur, 18 July 2013


“The overall experience was very good. I think the number of days should have been more.”

– Anuradha Mathur


Feed back from Divya Madhur, 18 July 2013


“Training was very good, covered many advance topic. Wished we could have more time to practice.”

– Divya Madhur


Feed back from Sujit Kumar Thakur, 18 July 2013


“Great experience most of the unknown facts about SQL Server were cleared. It is no more a mystery to us.”

– Sujit Kumar Thakur


Feed back from Mohit Khandelwal, 18 July 2013


“Learn so many new concepts, got in-depth understanding on index.”

– Mohit Khandelwal


Feed back from Amanpreet Singh, 18 July 2013


“Some good points were : hands on practice, highly interactive session.”

– Amanpreet Singh


Feed back from Sandeep Sachdeva, 18 July 2013


“The experience was good. Now some important concepts regarding the execution & performance have been understood, apart from application.”

– Sandeep Sachdeva


Feed back from Sumit Dhasmana, 18 July 2013


“Training provides up a good overview of the architecture of SQL Database and checking query performance and improve it. It also helped in understanding various functions that can be implemented to improve query performance.”

– Sumit Dhasmana


Feed back from Nikhil Dayal, 18 July 2013


“The training was very informative and an extension to our know stuff. Amit was very knowledgeable and use easy references to teach. The training PDFs & PPTs on the other hand still need to be Descriptive if read us that a prior knowledge. Thanks.”

– Nikhil Dayal


Feed back from Debashis Mukherjee, 18 July 2013


“The training has been an increase learning experience. In-depth explanation of every concepts will help us, work effectively in SQL Server.”

– Debashis Mukherjee