Friends, here is another SQL Server assignment, successfully completed for one of our esteemed clients. As usual, wonderful training experience with the participants. I am always lucky to find energetic folks inside my class. My attendees add loads of value to the delivery & overall training with great questions and excellent participation. I thoroughly enjoyed and made new friends :)- Thanks to the attendees and my client! Happy SQL Server Learning!

1_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

Random feedback from attendees

Feed back from Jay Shama, 19 April 2014

2_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“Really good specially the practical labs, including few more on DRS live would help more but this is the best I have attend till now.”

– Jay Shama


Feedback from Kiran Anil Baswekar, 19 April 2014

3_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“The training was great and its really help me in my job profile & the lab setup was awesome.”

– Kiran Anil Baswekar


Feedback from Prashant M Sangawar, 19 April 2014

4_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“The training was awesome. Got to know very different knowledge. This training will help in day to day wok.”

– Prashant M Sangawar


Feedback from Qutubuddin Sheik, 19 April 2014

5_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“Leaned some new concepts and new technology and terminology and functions. I am happy to take this learning with me as I am entirely new to this. Hopping this would help me in future.”

– PQutubuddin Sheik


Feedback from Ninad vasant Soman, 19 April 2014

6_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“Training labs were good, another day more specific to SQL and to introduce Virtualization in depth will help. Lab can be setup by the participants, to get additional hands-on.”

– Ninad vasant Soman


Feedback from Samir Pardeshi, 19 April 2014

7_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“Training was good and very helpful given good knowledge of SQL Virtualization. This given helpful knowledge.”

– Samir Pardeshi


Feedback from Deepali Lokhande, 19 April 2014

8_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“Training is effective and useful which will help to support & troubleshoot performance issues on VM.”

– Deepali Lokhande


Feedback from Sandeep Mahendrakar, 19 April 2014

9_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“Training was excellent and the labs were very effective and fun. Had a very good hands on in real time. Presentation was good and importance to even minute details was given for clarity.”

– Sandeep Mahendrakar


Feedback from Pooja Sharma, 19 April 2014

10_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“Training was helpful in providing all the advanced concepts of SQL Server Virtualization. The trainer has excellent presentation skills and the demos actually explained real world scenarios.”

– Pooja Sharma


Feedback from Reshu, 19 April 2014

11_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“A very useful and technically helpful training. Amit’s knowledge of the subject and his efforts in the preparing and demonstrating the labs has been wonderful.”

– Reshu


Feedback from Prasad Behere, 19 April 2014

12_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“Training has started thought process toward, Troubleshooting, SQL Server Performance on VMs.Some of the advanced topics are very well covered.”

– Prasad Behere


Feedback from Chandra Reddy, 19 April 2014

13_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“Had a very good session on SQL Virtualization. This is the second training with Amit and he is simply awesome. Looking forward to attend more training from Amit.”

– Chandra Reddy


Feedback from Aritri Bhowmik, 19 April 2014

14_SQL_Server_Training_SQL_Virtualization_Pune_ April_ 2014

“Both technical & presentation skill of the instuctor (Mr. Bansal) is very good. So, overall we enjoyed the class.”

– Aritri Bhowmik


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