I delivered my first webcast under SQLMaestros.com on Oct 21 on “Simplifying SQL Server Performance Tuning” – and the response was overwhelming despite festive mood!

I blogged about it here.

And here we are with the second webcast; “Tracking Page Splits with Extended Events”. In this webcast I will demonstrate the concept of Page Splits and how they severely affect performance due the fragmentation they cause. It is definitely your job to identify those workloads that are causing extensive page splits and take corrective measures. So here is a question to all of you. How does Page Spilt cause fragmentation? How does fragmentation slow down query performance? How does fragmentation affect Read Ahead Scans?

You will get all your answers in this webcast. The webcast is on Nov 19, 3 pm to 4 pm IST.

So Register Now and block your seat!