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Here is another popular lab from Hands-On-Lab library: SQL Server Database Maintenance.

Routine maintenance tasks must be performed to keep databases performing at optimal state. These maintenance tasks include taking backups of databases frequently, checking the integrity of the databases, rebuilding and reorganizing indexes on databases, updating statistics and cleanup old history. This lab explains how to perform database maintenance tasks using Maintenance Plans Wizard. In the first exercise, we will learn to configure Backup Database Task to take full backup of a database and also learn to schedule the backups. In the second exercise, we will learn to configure Check Database Integrity Task to perform consistency checks on disk space allocation, catalogs, pages and indexes. In the third and fourth exercises, we will learn to configure Rebuild Index Task and Reorganize Index Task respectively. In the fifth exercise, we will learn to configure Update Statistics Task and also learn to schedule the statistics updates. In the sixth exercise, we will learn to configure History Cleanup Task to clear backup and restore history, SQL Server Agent history, and maintenance plans history. In the seventh and final exercise, we will learn to configure all the database maintenance tasks in one plan.

Exercise 1: Backup Databases
Exercise 2: Check database integrity
Exercise 3: Rebuilding Indexes
Exercise 4: Reorganizing Indexes
Exercise 5: Update Statistics
Exercise 6: History Cleanup Task
Exercise 7: Configuring Database Maintenance Plan

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